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File Categories  
Science , Technology, and Health, Safety ( Topics, Workshops, Links ,and Places of Interest)
18 file(s)
History, Geography, and Cultural Web site links for national and local places of interest
5 file(s)
Educational Web sites for teachers- lesson plans, resources, state standards
6 file(s)
Biography Resources and Web site links
1 file(s)
Alabama Web site links (Historical, Places of Interest, etc. )
1 file(s)
Educational Magazine Websites and Links
1 file(s)
All Subject Area Website Links
3 file(s)
Jefferson County Library Cooperative (Resources available from the public library)
21 file(s)
Reading ( Resources, Websites, Tips, Reading Program, Accelerated Reading, SRI etc. )
33 file(s)
What Does My Child Have To Do To Eat Lunch In The Library?
1 file(s)
Books and Libraries
2 file(s)
Health and Wellness
Tips, Websites, Local Events and Information
1 file(s)
Math Tips, Activities that will help your child learn math
25 file(s)
Scholastic Reading Inventory - Criteria for Determing Grade Level
0 file(s)
Importance of Staying in School and Not Dropping Out
1 file(s)
Reading to Children
Why is it important????
1 file(s)
Photo Albums ( You Need Windows Media Player to View)
0 file(s)
Videos; Math
You will need FLV player to watch the videos.
27 file(s)
Videos; Social Studies
You will need FLV player to watch the videos.
1 file(s)
Math Projects
2 file(s)
Helping Your Child in Math
185 file(s)
1 file(s)
Information, Updates, Etc. Translated into Spanish
46 file(s)
More Math Websites for K-5
1 file(s)
Student Handbook 2016-2017
1 file(s)
Alabama's School Library Media Handbook for the 21st Century Learner
1 file(s)
Informational Access
1 file(s)