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K-5 Third Quarter Syllabus
Posted On:
Friday, January 19, 2018

Westhills Elementary School                                       3rd Quarter Syllabus      



Reading/Language Arts/Handwriting

*Identify story elements: character, setting

*Read Pre-Primer and Primer Sight Words

*Identify multiple meanings for familiar words

*Short-Vowel Words

*Identify beginning and ending sounds

*Identify letter sounds (uppercase and lowercase) A-T

*Use nouns and verbs

*Blend and segment onsets and rimes

*Use prepositions when speaking or writing

*Correctly form and write upper and lowercase letters: (no reversals) A-T

*Draw/dictate/write to give information





*Daytime and nighttime

*Winter and arctic animals

*Solids, liquids, and gases

*Modes of transportation

*Sounds, motion, and speed


*Count to 75

*Count forward beginning with a given number (0-75)

*Name numerals 0 - 20 out of sequence

*Match quantities to numerals 0 - 20    

*Write numerals 0 - 20 (no reversals)

*Order numerals 0 - 20

*Skip count by 10’s and 5’s to 100

*Compose (construct) numbers 11-19 into tens and ones

*Decompose (separate) numbers 11-19 into tens and ones

*Name dime/nickel/penny

*Tell time to the hour

*Describe and compare length and weight

*Classify and graph data



Social Studies

*Communication and meeting new people

*Compare needs and wants of families, schools, and communities

*Compare goods and services

*Comparing City Life and Country Life



First Grade


*Distinguishes long vowel sounds in spoken words

*Segments the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words

*Decodes regularly spelled long vowel words

*Recognizes and read sight words

*Answers questions about key details in a text

*Retells stories, including key details, and demonstrates understanding

*Identify and describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

*Reads on-level text with understanding

*Reads on-level text with accuracy, rate, and expression



*Uses singular and plural nouns with matching verbs in basic sentences

*Uses personal, possessive, and indefinite pronouns

*Can identify, write, and use verbs correctly

*Can identify, write, and use adjectives correctly

*Write narratives, including sequence events, details, and a specific purpose



*Given a two-digit number, finds 10 more or 10 less than the number

*Add and Subtract within 20

*Solves addition and subtraction in various ways

*Solve for the missing number using addition and subtraction



*Sound, Light, and Sky



Social Studies

*Celebrate America

*Famous Monuments

*Famous African Americans

*Presidents and Patriots

*Rights and Responsibilities



Second Grade



*Solve word problems using addition and subtraction within 100

*Use doubles facts for finding sums

*Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies

*Use commutative and associative properties

*Two digit addition with and without regrouping

*Work with time and money

*Use inverse relationship of addition and subtraction

*Relate addition and subtraction to length

*Represent and interpret data


*Phonic Skills: Segment, blend, and count phonemes

Substitute final phonemes, identify syllable patterns

*Comprehension Skills: Compare and contrast stories, summarize stories, determine the central message, lesson or moral from text, describe the overall structure of a story (Sequencing), identify fact and opinion, ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in the text, identify main idea, plot and theme,

*Fluency Skills: Read with fluency, accuracy, expression, and intonation

*Vocabulary Skills: use context clues to understand the meaning of words or phrases, clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple meaning words

Language Arts

*Identify and use antonyms, synonyms, adjectives, adverbs, and prefixes

*Identify and use verbs for past, present, and future

*Identify and use irregular verbs

*Independent writing: narrative, descriptive, and expository



*Plan and carry out investigation to determine the growth needs of plants

*Illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things that exist in different places on land and in water

*Design and construct models to simulate how animals disperse seeds or pollinate plants



Social Studies

*Identify national historical figures and celebrations that exemplify democratic values, equality, justice, and responsibility for the common good

*Describe the significance of national holidays and the history of American symbols and monuments

*Differentiate between a physical map and a political map

*Identify states, continents, oceans, and the equator using maps, globes, and technology

*Describe how and why people from various cultures immigrate to the USA




Westhills Elementary School                                       3rd Quarter Syllabus      


Third Grade



*Reads fluently with comprehension

*Distinguish between fiction and nonfiction

*Compare & Contrast folktales, fables, and poetry



*Fact and Opinion


*Cause and Effect

*Main Idea and Key Details


*Synonyms and antonyms

*Prefixes and suffixes

*Multiple meaning words and unfamiliar words

*Context clues

*Dictionary skills

*Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns

*Uses rich vocabulary in oral and written expression

*Oral presentations

*Demonstrates the steps of the writing process


*Navigating the internet as a resource across the curriculum


*Fluent keyboarding



*Fluently multiply and divide within 100 using strategies and properties of multiplication

*Understand and apply math vocabulary terms

*Represent and model equivalent fractions using concrete objects, pictures, and number lines

*Represent and solve problems using multiplication and division

*Solve problems involving the four operations, and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic

*Measurement: apply and compare measurements of volume, mass, time, and length

*Solve multiple-step word problems


*Motion and Stability

*Forces and Interactions

*Display data graphically and in tables to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season




Social Studies

*Explain the significance of representations of American values and beliefs

*Identify ways to prepare for natural disasters.

*Identify geographic links of land regions, river systems, and interstate highways between Alabama and other states. (Alabama)

*Describe the relationship between locations of resources and patterns of population distribution


*Recognize functions of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.


Fourth Grade


*Graphic Sources                 


*Literary Elements: Character, Plot, and Theme

*Predict and Set Purpose

*Monitor and Clarify            

*Author’s Purpose

*Compare and Contrast        

*Main Idea and Details

*Drawing Conclusions          




*Possessive Pronouns

*Pronouns and Antecedents

*Synonyms and Antonyms

*Contractions and Negatives

*Multiple meaning words

*Adjectives and Articles


*Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs

*Time Order Words

*Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases



*Motion (force, speed, acceleration, velocity)

*Classifying Plants and Animals

*Plants and Reproduction    

*How plants make food         *Adaptations                        


*How living things affect the environment

*Natural Resources           

*Fossils and their purpose


*Equivalent Fractions

*Comparing two fractions with different numerators and different denominators

*Adding and Subtracting Fractions

*Writing fractions greater than one as a mixed number and writing mixed numbers as a fraction greater than one

*Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

*Writing a fraction as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction

*Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by a whole number

*Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100

*Identify and draw points, lines, line segments, rays and angles

*Classifying Triangles

*Identifying Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

*Determining whether a figure has a line of symmetry



Social Studies

*Early European Settlement in Alabama

*Civil Rights Movement

*American Settlers in Alabama

*Alabama’s statehood and resources

*The Civil War and Reconstruction

*Alabama and World War I

*Farming and Industry in Alabama

*Alabama’s natural resources

Fifth Grade


*Greatest Common Factor          

*Least Common Multiples

*Prime/Composite Numbers         *Equivalent Fractions

*Adding/Subtracting Fractions   *Multiplying/Diving Fractions

*Mixed Numbers/ Improper Fractions

*Compare and Order Fractions



*Plan and carry out investigations

*Engineering; construct and interpret models

*Scientific Method

*Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics



Plants/ animals




*Context Clues                      

*Genre: play

*Main Idea and Details          

*Text Structure

*Fact and Opinion              

*Homonyms/ Synonym


*Context clues

*Graphic sources                   

*Predict and Set Purpose

*Main Idea


*Present, Past and Future Tenses               *Verbs                              


*Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases


Social Studies

*Causes of the Civil War             

*Civil War and the Reconstructions


*Civil Rights Movement



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