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Reading and Young People
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Begin reading to your child the day they are born!

It sounds almost too simple to be true. Reading regularly with your children during their preschool years gives them the biggest boost toward a successful education they will ever get.

  1. 35 % of children arrive at kindergarten unprepared to learn.
  2. Interaction with a child's environment is a key factor in determining the  ease with which a child will learn to read.
  3. The more words a child hears, the larger a child's vocabulary. The larger the child's vocabulary, the more likely he or she will be a proficient reader.
  4. A 1991 study showed that parents who were given books by their doctors were 4 times more likely to read and share them with their children.
  5. Reading to your baby encourages the child to associate reading with love and comfort.
  6. The more you talk and read to your baby, the quicker the child will learn.
  7. The report of the commission on reading states " the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.
  8. The key to proficiency in reading is to start early. Begin reading to your child the day they are born.
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