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Students on grade level as well as high achieving students benefit from increased reading practice.
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Friday, June 01, 2007
How Can You Help Your Child Accelerate Growth in Reading Ability?

Teachers and parents have some common goals for students. One primary goal is to improve reading. We also want to foster a love of reading in all students. Hopefully, we can develop lifelong learners and critical thinkers. And finally, accelerate growth in reading ability as well as improve test scores.

How can we achieve these goals and improve reading?  

Students on grade level as well as high achievers can benefit from increased reading practice.

An additional hour of reading practice benefits all students. Students who are already reading a considerable amount will show an increase in reading growth with an additional hour of reading practice.

          Studies show that good readers practice reading much more than struggling readers. It makes sense: The way to get good at something- whether it's shooting baskets or reading- is to spend lots of time doing it.  The top 5% of readers read 144 times more than the bottom 5% of readers. Low achieving students get little or no reading practice. High achieving students practice reading a considerable amount.

          Don't let your child regress over the summer. Keep them reading. Participate in the summer reading program.

During the school year, encourage your child to take Accelerated Reader Quizzes on the books they read. They earn points for books they read and test on. Accelerated Reader points measure practice. It's a way to make them accountable for reading. Their points and average are a summary of quantity, quality, and difficulty level. Use the Accelerated Reader points as an indicator of the amount of reading done. There is a strong positive correlation between reading practice and progress on standardized comprehension tests ( SAT-10 and ARMT). Students who earn 25 AR points in a year will show growth and reading gains. Students who earn 100 AR points in a year will show more growth and reading gains.

Teachers using Accelerated Reader have reported gains in reading achievement of up to 2 years in one year!

Students in classrooms in which Accelerated Reader is used do better in reading as well as math, science, social studies, and writing.

Let's increase the amount of time students spend practicing reading. This is a sure formula for success!!!



Depending on a student's prior knowledge, appetite for challenge, interest, and need for variety, use the following chart as a guideline for setting goals for your child. Students that practice reading for 60 minutes per day could earn a lot of points in one year.

1st Grade Readers could earn 50 or more points in a year.

2nd Grade Readers could earn 75or more points in a year.

3rd Grade Readers could earn 90 or more points in a year.

4th Grade Readers could earn 100 or more points in a year.

5th Grade Readers could earn 125 or more points in a year.

6th Grade Readers could earn 150 or more points in a year.

7th-12th Grade Readers could earn 300  or more points in a year.


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